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Terms of Service

Chapter 1. General Rules and Definition

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of Service is to set forth the rights, obligation and responsibilities between KED Global News Network (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) and members with respect to the use of all digital products and services (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Service’) provided by the Company available regardless of the type of wire and wireless devices.

Article 2. Definition of the Terms

1)‘Member’ means a user who agreed to these terms of services and was issued a user ID

2) ‘Non-member’ means a person who uses a service without joining the membership.

3) ‘ID’ means a combination of characters and numbers chosen by a member for identification of the member and use of services, and that is approved by the Company.

4) ‘Password’ means combination of characters and numbers chosen by a member to verify the identity of the member distinguished by the ID and to protect his or her rights.

5) ‘Operator’ means the person appointed by the Company to be responsible for management and smooth operation of the services.

6) ‘Partner websites’ means websites of business partners that the Company has linked through hyperlink methods (including texts, stop-motion, video, etc.) to promote joint marketing, joint business through business partnership.

7) ‘Use Contract’ means a contract that is signed between the Company and a member to use the Service through these Terms of Service.

8) ‘Restriction’ or ‘Suspension’ of the Service means that the Company restricts or suspends all or part of service from a member in case of violation of public interests or company service regulation.

9) ‘Termination’ means the company or a member withdraws the Use Contract after the service is opened.

10) Except the terms defined in the preceding clauses, other ones are subject to common practices of transaction and relevant laws.

Article 3. Effect and Amendment of the Terms of Service

1) The contents of these Terms of Service shall be announced publicly to the members by posting on the service webpage or by other means, and become effective by a member joining the service who agreed to the Terms of Service.

2) The Company posts the contents of these Terms of Service, company’s name, office location, the name of the representative, business registration number, contact information (phone, fax, email, etc.) on the main page of the service so that the members can be informed.

3) These Terms of Service may be amended within the scope of laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea if deemed necessary by the company. In case of amendment, date of application and the reason of amendment shall be notified on the main page of the service 7 days before application along with the current Terms of Service. However, in case of revising the Terms of Service unfavorably to members, it shall be notified through electronic means, such as email, as well as it shall be notified with the grace period of at least 30 days.

4) A Member has the right to disagree with the revised Terms of Service and terminate the Use Contract. However, a member shall be deemed to have agreed it in case that he does not express his rejection or terminate the Use Contract even though the Company clearly announce that it will be considered as an agreement with the revised Terms of Service unless a member does not express his or her opinion within the grace period mentioned above.

Article 4. Rules other than Terms of Service

1) Matters not specified in these Terms of Service, follow common practices of transaction and other relevant laws and regulations such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.

2) This Terms of Service shall be applied along with the use guideline of individual services provided by the Company.

Chapter 2. Service Use Contract

Article 5. Establishment, application, and acceptance of the Use Contract

1) The Use Contract is established when a person who wishes to become a member agrees to the Terms of Service, then applies for membership and the Company approves such application.

2) Application for membership in agreement with the Terms of Service means an agreement to providing member information to the Company, requesting agency, Content Security Policy (CSP) agency to use the service normally.

3) In any of the following cases, the Company may withhold the approval of use and notice the reason on the service website.

In case the capacity of the service-related facilities is insufficient

In case of technical difficulty or business practice difficulty

Other cases that the Company deems it necessary

Article 6. ID & Password

1) A member shall take responsibility for managing their use ID and Password, and must not let a third party know or use their ID and Password.

2) In case a member becomes aware that their ID and Password have been stolen or used by a third party, he or she shall immediately notify the Company and follow the Company’s instruction.

3) The Company or its partners shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the theft of his or her ID and Password without reasons attributable to each company.

Article 7. Modification of Member Information

1) A Member can view and modify his or her personal information at any time through “Mypage”. However, it is impossible to modify member management number granted for service management.

2) If the member information is changed from that entered at the time of application for membership, a member should notify the Company of it through online update, email, or any other method

3) The company is not liable for the disadvantages caused by not notifying the company of the changes in clause 2.

Article 8. Notice to Members

1) In the event that the Company makes a notification to members, the Company may do it via email unless Terms of Service specifies otherwise.

2) In the event that the Company makes a notification to all members, the Company may replace notification in clause 1 with a posting on the Company’s website for 7 or more days.

Chapter 3. Obligation of the contract parties

Article 9. Obligation of the Company

1) The Company shall establish a security system to protect personal information so that members can use the service safely, and shall faithfully implement measures such as maintenance, inspection, or restoration.

2) The Company shall not disclose or distribute member’s personal information to a third party without member’s consent. Other matters related to the protection of member’s personal information are in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of Korea and the privacy policy set separately by the Company.

3) The Company shall not send commercial email, SMS text message, etc. that members do not agree to receive.

4) If the Company provides services to the members by signing a service provision contract with a third party, the Company shall comply with the relevant laws such as sharing members’ personal information with a third party within the scope of agreement and within the period of the service provision after specifying specific member information provided to the third party for provision of each service and obtaining members’ individual and explicit agreement.

5) The Company shall immediately take care of the complains raised by the members if deemed reasonable. However, if it is impossible to be taken care of immediately, the Company shall notify the reason and further schedule to the members.

Article 10. Obligation to protect personal information

1) The Company shall collect the minimum information necessary when collecting member information.

2) The Company is responsible for the damage to the member incurred by the unagreed use of member information and the provision of the information without member’s consent.

3) A member can view, modify, and request deletion of his or information at any time, and the Company must process such deletion immediately upon receipt of the request.

4) The company shall limit the number of personal information managers, and be responsible for loss, theft, leak, and falsification of personal information

5) When the purpose of collecting or being provided with the personal information is achieved, it will be disposed of without delay.

Article 11. Obligation of a Member

1) A member shall comply with the matters that the Company announces or notices such as relevant laws, regulations of these Terms of Service, use guideline, and precautions, and cannot interfere with the Company’s business.

2) A member shall not conduct any commercial activities using the Service without prior approval of the Company.

3) A member shall not copy, reproduce, change, translate, publish, broadcast, or use information obtained using the Service in any other method or provide it to a third party without prior approval of the Company.

4) When using image including photographs, a member shall acquire portrait rights, trademark rights, patent rights, and other rights to the subject of the image, and in case of dispute over these rights, the member shall take full responsibility.

5) A member shall not conduct any of the following acts while he or she uses the service.

a. The act of collecting and storing other members’ ID and personal information, and using them illegally

b. The act of reproducing, altering, publishing, broadcasting the information obtained from the service for purpose other than using it, or providing it to others without prior approval of the Company.

c. The act of infringing other rights including the Company’s and others’ copyright

d. The act of distributing to others the information, sentences, figures, and other contents that violate public order and custom

e. The act of being objectively judged to be linked to a crime

f. The act of defaming or insulting others’ reputation

g. The act of hacking or spreading computer virus

h. Any action that may interfere or be concerned to interfere with the stable operation of the service

i. Any other act of violating other relevant laws and regulations

j. The act of impersonating the management staff or person concerned of The Company

6) A member shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, matters stipulated in these Terms of Service, service use guide, and precautions.

7) The Company enables a member to leave comments for the purpose of posting member’s opinions and sharing common interests. When he or she posts comments, the Company may delete them and restrict him or her from using the service without his or her prior consent if the content is deemed to fall under any of the followings.

a. Postings that do not conform to the nature of service

b. Postings including advertising contents

c. The act of defaming or infringe others’ reputation

d. The act of violating intellectual property of others

e. The act of spreading exaggerated and false information

f. The act of expressing abusive language, slander, obscene, or violent contents

g. Postings recognized as being linked to criminal activity

Chapter 4. Provision and Use of Service

Article 12. Provision of Service

1) These Terms of Service applies by default to all services developed by the Company or provided through partnership agreement with other companies, and subsidiary terms of service may be placed for services that require separate terms.

2) The Company can divide the service into a certain range and designate the available time separately for each range. However, the details are notified in advance in such cases.

3) In principle, the service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Article 13. Change of Service

1) The Company may change all or part of the provided service for operational and technical needs if there is a significant reason.

2) The Company may modify, suspend, and change all or part of the service provided for free due to the Company’s policy or operational necessity, and does not provide separate compensation unless there is a special rule or regulation in the relevant laws.

Article 14. Suspension and Restriction of Service

1) The Company may suspend the service in the following cases.

In case of inevitable due to maintenance or construction of service facilities

In case a telecommunications service provider stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act of the Republic of Korea suspends the telecommunication services

In case of inevitable due to natural disaster

2) The service can be suspended or restricted if there is a problem with the use of the service due to reasons including national emergency, service facility failure, or surge in service use.

3) The Company can conduct regular inspection if necessary for the service, and the regular inspection time will be as it is announced on the service webpage.

Article 15. Attribution of Rights

1) Copyright and other intellectual property rights for service created and provided by the Company belongs to the Company. A member cannot use or let a third party use the Company’s service by reproducing, transmitting, publishing, broadcasting, and other methods for commercial purpose without company’s prior consent.

2) Copyright and other intellectual property rights for posting by a member on the service belongs to the member. The Company shall have the right to post the postings and data published by the member, and shall not use them for commercial purpose without the member’s consent.

3) The Company has the right to modify or delete the postings that violates the obligations in Article 11. Specific standard and procedures for this are subject to separate regulations.

Chapter 5. Cancellation of Contracts and Restriction of Service Use

Article 16. Cancellation of Contracts and Restriction of Use

1) The company may terminate the use contract without prior notice or restrict the use of service for a fixed period of time if a member commits any of the following acts.

a. In case of intentionally disseminating contents violating public order and custom

b. In case of being involved with criminal activities

c. In case of planning and implementing the use of service for the purpose of undermining national or social interests

d. In case of stealing someone else’s ID and Password

e. In case of joining the membership not using the real name or using other’s name.

f. In case the same user registers more than twice with different IDs

g. In case of transmitting a large amount of information for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the service.

h. In case of violating conditions of use set by the company including relevant laws and these Terms of Service.

2) Notwithstanding the preceding clause, the Company may immediately suspend the use of service permanently in cases of violating relevant laws disturbance of operation and provision of illegal programs in violation of the Copyright Act and the Computer Programs Protection Act of the Republic of Korea, illegal telecommunications and hacking in violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., distribution of malicious programs, and excess of access right. In the case of permanent suspension in accordance with this clause, all other benefits obtained using the service will also lapse, and the company does not compensate for this separately.

3) If a member does not sign in for more than 12 months continuously, the Company may restrict the use of member for protection of member information and for operational efficiency.

4) Within the scope of the suspension of use prescribed in this article, the conditions and details of the suspension shall be governed by the use restriction policy and operation policy of individual services.

5) In case of restricting the service or terminating the contract, the company will notify it in accordance with Article 8 (Notice to Members)

Article 17. Procedure of contract termination

1) In the event that a member wants to terminate this use contract, the member shall contact the customer center via telephone or email for membership withdrawal.

2) In the event that a member terminates this use contract, all data of the member shall be destroyed except the cases that the company holds the membership information in accordance with the relevant law and personal information processing policies.

3) In the event that a member terminates this use contract, postings reposted by other person or posted publicly will not be deleted, so please delete them before the withdrawal.

Chapter 6. Others

In case a member violates the regulations of these Terms of Service and causes damage to the company or a third party, the member who violates this Terms of Service shall be responsible for the compensating for the damages to the company or a third party.

Article 18. Exemption of Responsibilities

1) The company is exempted from responsibilities of providing the service if the company cannot provide the service due to natural disasters, or equivalent force majeure.

2) The company is not liable for failure to use the service due to reasons attributable to the member.

3) The company is not responsible for the contents, such as reliability and accuracy of information, data, and fact posted by a member with regard to the service.

4) The company shall be exempted from responsibilities if transaction between members or between a member and a third party is made through service.

5) All information, software, product and other services included in the company’s service may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. However, changes to such information are made on a regular base. The company may improve or change this website at any time.

6) The company’s securities-related data and service are provided for the purpose of providing information, and the company is not liable for any damages caused by errors or delay in information when used for actual stock trading.

Article 19. Governing Laws and Judicial Jurisdiction

1) The company and members must take all necessary efforts to smoothly resolve any dispute related to the service.

2) In case a lawsuit is filed between the company and a member despite the regulation in the clause 1, it shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Korea.

3) Lawsuit concerning the dispute between the company and members shall be determined in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act.

4) In case of a member with an address or residence abroad, the court of competent jurisdiction is the Seoul Central District Court of Korea, notwithstanding the preceding clauses.