• KOSPI 2633.34 -75.90 -2.80%
  • KOSDAQ 858.59 -23.50 -2.66%
  • KOSPI200 351.01 -9.82 -2.72%
  • USD/KRW 1,197 -0.80 -0.07%
  • JPY100/KRW 1,043.36 -8.26 -0.79%
  • EUR/KRW 1,345.55 -8.32 -0.62%
  • CNH/KRW 189.12 0.02 0.01%

Editorial Policy & Code of Practice

KED Global News Network complies with the basic policy for layout of news articles in accordance with Article 10 of the Act on the Promotion of Newspapers, Etc.

1.We will provide important news and breaking news on Korea’s economy, business, industry, and financial markets accurately and promptly.

2.We will not cover articles that are simply commercially promotional, suggestive or that stir up speculative drive.

3.We will not be wavered by the political, commercial pressure of interest when selecting and providing information.

4.We will not infringe on personality, honor, and portrait rights of individuals.

5.We will promote bulletin boards in a sound manner to spread healthy debate culture.

KED Global News Network has appointed the basic policy and news article layout manager who is in charge of collecting opinions and inconvenience regarding the basic policy and news article. You may submit it by mail, phone, e-mail, or visit as it follows. KED Global News Network is doing our best to respond promptly.

Basic policy and news article layout manager

Name: Chang Jae Yoo

Position: Managing Editor

Telephone: +82-2-360-4316

Email: yoocool@hankyung.com

Mail: 14F, Korea Economic Daily Bldg., 463 Chengpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (04505), Korea